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Loss is a universal experience. This piece is meant to be a musical encouragement to those who have suffered loss.


A soft piano piece with a nostalgic and dreamy mood.  The word "Angae" means haze in Korean.


Life can be sad, and sometimes music can express that sadness in a helpful way. This song expresses the grief many are dealing with now during the COVID crisis.


A musical memoir of the experiences of my life in Japan. At the age of twenty-five I left everything familiar to "see the world." From mellow piano pieces to J-pop inspired melodies, this album expresses some of my thoughts and feelings from the seven years I lived in Osaka. You can purchase the CD here.

Inspired by the beautiful scenery and bamboo forest of the famous tourist destination in Kyoto, Japan, Arashiyama is the second single from the album Japonica. A melancholy and piercing violin melody soars over soft piano accompaniment. 


Sunrise on a New World is about beginning again. This piece combines the excitement of starting life in a new place with the sadness of leaving others behind. This is the first single from Japonica to be released in 2020.


Summerfield was released in March 2019. This solo piano piece is about the memories I have of my grandmother's house. All of us have places from our past that remind us of good times. One of those for me is the house in Summerfield. 

Click the icon to download the sheet music for free. 


This single is a recomposed version of J.S. Bach's Prelude in B flat major from the Well Tempered Clavier Book 1. These reimaginings are meant to use the language of Bach to tell a different musical story. 


Based on one of Bach's most famous pieces for keyboard it keeps some of the simplicity of the original while updating the harmonies to give a more modern feel.



My first public solo piano project was the EP Out of Nothing. The inspiration for this piece is the biblical account of the creation of the world. The working title for this album was Ex Nihilo meaning "out of nothing" in Latin. God created the entire universe out of nothing. This work is meant to capture some moods and images of the creation story while exploring a combination of genres for solo piano, including jazz, contemporary, and impressionism.

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