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Updated: Oct 26, 2020

Consolation is a word we use after someone has experienced a loss. We can console one another with comforting words. We can console others without words just by being present in a tough situation. This piece, releasing today, is meant to be a consolation with music.

Like most of my music, this piece is melody driven. It was really fun to create. I can't say that for every piece I write. It starts immediately with the theme and I added an unexpected harmony in the left hand to give it a bit of emotion. My favorite part of the piece is in the middle. We hear two melodies in the right hand which is a technique I stole from Brahms specifically, although this technique is employed by many composers. Overall the piece is meant to create an uplifting yet serious mood.

I named this piece Consolation after reflecting upon the events of this year. In April, my family experienced a deep loss. I recall driving home that day and looking up at the clouds. It may seem silly or trite, but that scene somehow reminded me of the deeper realities of beauty and grace that persist despite our deepest pains. But the beauty and grace I'm speaking of are not romantic fantasies. I believe they are found in the person of Jesus Christ. He alone can console us in the ultimate sense. My loss was and is a profound one. But I truly felt at that

moment the consolation of God. I hope this piece will be a consolation and encouragement to others who have experienced loss. 

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