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A Familiar Storyline

It's been said that there are really only a few plots. Almost every story fits into one of about seven categories like "rags to riches", "the quest", "overcoming the monster" etc. Even though we are familiar with these types of storylines, we find ourselves ever drawn to movies and books that continue to use them. My latest single is the first from a new album I'm working on related to film and stories.

A Familiar Storyline is a piano piece that has some very familiar elements. But the thing about good stories is that they don't always go as expected. They may follow a familiar plot type, but the best stories are full of surprises, or they explore an unexpected angle on a well-known idea. They are familiar in some ways, but they make us think and feel something new. When I listen back to this new song, I feel like it really is a familiar type of tune, and yet it hopefully does something to capture the imagination or make you feel something unexpected.

Each of the songs on my new album will explore a different aspect of story often using language borrowed from the film industry. (Speaking of story, the image on the cover of this single was taken last year on a trip to England near the home of Jane Austen.) I hope you enjoy the song. If so, please save it to your playlist, or if you really like it, share it with a friend.

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1 Comment

Barry Halloran
Barry Halloran
Jun 06, 2023

I find all Merrill's musical compositions as something coming directly from heavens throne room. I sense new grace and compassion from God in these beautiful songs!

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